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Brain circuits

How to manage energy for yourself and your team

IbyIMD+ Published 15 December 2021 in Brain circuits β€’ 2 min read

The ongoing uncertainty in the global environment remains at extremely high levels, taking a toll on people throughout the world. Even if you feel you are doing well, it is likely that people with whom you work on a regular basis may be struggling. Therefore, it is important to try to understand how you and your team are feeling.

Since April 2020, I have been surveying executives about this issue using the Energy Quadrants model from Tony Schwartz. Here, you can chart your level of energy (high or low) along the Y-axis and the quality of your energy (positive or negative) along the X-axis.

You are in the performance zone when your energy is high and positive. You are in the recovery zone when your energy is low and positive. The survival zone is…

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