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Brain Circuits

How resilient are you?

IbyIMD+ Published 19 September 2022 in Brain Circuits • 3 min read

Resilience is the key factor to achieving many of our goals: inspiring leadership, a thriving business model, and top teams all require resilience, yet it isn’t often at the forefront of our thoughts in business. It is precisely these qualities we rarely train for, or perceive as being either a given or too touchy feely to be a critical factor in determining success. So, for today’s exercise, we are going to consider how resilient we are.

The exercise.

This is going to take some imagination, so close your eyes and picture this scenario:

You are on a mountain skiing and decide to enjoy a little race. You are zipping down the slope, feeling the wind whipping your face and feeling at the top of your game. Suddenly, your ski catches, you lose balance, and you are tumbling. When you come to a stop, what do you do?

Consider these options:

  • Stare at…
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