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Brain circuits

How are you curious?

IbyIMD+ Published 28 September 2022 in Brain circuits • 3 min read

A growth mindset, new ideas, learning, change, action, disruption… these things all stem from being curious. So, if you want to foster them within your company, you need curious people who have the room to explore. But what makes a person curious, and how do you identify these people? Todd Kashan has done a great deal of research into this topic and has identified five dimensions of curiosity:

  1. Joyous exploration: Kashan calls this the joy of learning and growing.
  2. Deprivation sensitivity: pondering abstract ideas or solve problems to reduce gaps in knowledge.
  3. Stress tolerance: this is the dimension defined by Kashan as a willingness to embrace doubt and confusion that stems from exploring new, unexpected things.
  4. Social curiosity: wanting to know what others are thinking or doing by listening, observing, or talking to people.
  5. Thrill-seeking: t…
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