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Brain circuits

Do you understand how AI can revolutionize your marketing?

IbyIMD+ Published 13 December 2022 in Brain circuits • 3 min read

AI is a hot commodity in the marketing space – but like all new tools, many companies adopting it don’t fully understand its benefits and its drawbacks. As a result, most marketers are using AI in an ad hoc manner, lacking in a clear strategy. To really gain a competitive advantage, executives need to rethink the scope and framing of how they are viewing AI and shift from improving on traditional and familiar marketing strategies to considering game-changing new ideas.

For today’s exercise, consider these questions and ask yourself where AI could assist in making critical strategic decisions.

As a marketer, how are you looking for new markets or product segments? Conversely, how are you pinpointing markets you should avoid?

AI can identify things a human can’t by rapidly sifting through vast amounts of data. Used correctly, AI may point you to…

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