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A checklist of things your L&D team needs to be addressing

IbyIMD+ Published 27 September 2021 in Brain circuits • 2 min read

Learning and development is vital, particularly in a digital transformation context, and your L&D team should be helping your employees develop competencies. Unfortunately, many L&D divisions are still playing catch-up. Here is a checklist to make sure yours is on track.

The pace and scale of industry disruption

Does your industry have unaddressed tension points, or areas of customer frustration? If so, it’s ripe for disruption. Does your team know where the fault lines exist in your sector? Are you building competencies to address them with your learning agenda?

Organizational structures for the new business models

Do your people need help developing collaborative competencies and agile decision-making skills?

Technology-driven changes to jobs

Is your L&D starting to create competencies for a digitalized, organizational future?

Workforce diversity

There are distinct characteristics between generations of workers, all with their own strengths and skill sets – is your L&D team considering training to get them collaborating effectively?

Remote working

This isn’t going anywhere, even after COVID-19. How is your L&D team working to keep coworkers and teams cohesive and connected?

The education sector itself is in transformation

Digital tools that embed learning within systems or offer other innovative approaches will become vital to keep skills updated. How is your L&D team preparing to harness these to better serve your teams?

The benefits of building core competencies for a turbulent and uncertain future are manifold. Not only will teams have the skills to work in transformed settings, but they will also be more capable of managing the considerable demands of the redrawn work environment.



Shlomo Ben-Hur

Shlomo Ben-Hur

Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior

Professor Shlomo Ben-Hur works on the psychological and cultural aspects of leadership, and the strategic and operational elements of talent management and corporate learning. He is the Director of IMD’s Changing Employee Behavior program and IMD’s Organizational Learning in Action, and author of the books Talent IntelligenceThe Business of Corporate Learning, Changing Employee Behavior: a Practical Guide for Managers and Leadership OS.

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