Case Study

Aggreko (C): Update

7 pages
June 2011
Reference: IMD-5-0774

The C case synthesizes the pilot study customer feedback and summarizes how the protagonist addressed the issues raised. It describes how Lyons proceeded to implement NPS successfully across the whole organisation. Finally, it provides an update on Aggreko’s commercial performance.

Learning Objective

The C case allows participants to appreciate how critical it is to address drivers of dissatisfaction that, unattended will undermine the customer experience and brand. It allows students to learn how some intended ‘enhancers’ can actually be value destroyers. It allows students to understand what the critical drivers of this successful implementation have been – Executive Suite support; Metric singularity; Simplicity; engagement; Universality; and immediacy.

Customer Satisfaction, Customer Experience Management, Net Promoter Score, Dissatisfaction Driver, Business to Business, Strategy Implementation, Strategy Execution
Field Research
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