Case Study

Fortis Venturing (d1): Pet pack

6 pages
December 2005
Reference: IMD-3-1546

Ever wondered why certain services, like insurance and general assistance, were available for humans and not for their most valued four-legged friends in most countries? Kris Leys, an avid dog lover, was all too aware of that gap in the Benelux insurance markets. With the help of Fortis Venturing, he launched Pet Pack in early 2004, to provide pet-related information and pet assistance services to dog owners in Belgium. It intended to launch its first pet insurance product during the Summer 2005. Kris Leys, who had been a branch manager at Fortis Bank in Belgium for over 15 years as well as an enthusiast dog breeder, wanted to induce Fortis to create pet insurance products similar to those available in the UK, Sweden and the United States. If someone was to take advantage of that opportunity, why not him?

Corporate Venturing, Change Management, Growth, Financial Services, Start-up, Venturing, Insurance
Field Research
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