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Leading in Turbulent Times

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Navigating tomorrow: The essence of future-ready companies 

IbyIMD+10 May 2024 • by Howard H. Yu in Leading in Turbulent Times

How do companies like Nike weather storms and thrive in an era of rapid change and uncertainty? Enter future-readiness — the ability to balance exploiting existing strengths and embracing fresh opportunities. ...

In an era of growing complexity and unpredictability, the adage “adapt or perish” resonates stronger than ever. As markets fluctuate, technology advances, and consumer behaviors evolve, the ability of companies to not only perform but also transform becomes paramount for survival and success.

Enter future-readiness — a company’s preparedness for deep, long-term secular trends. This was a subject I discussed in a recent IMD Leading in Turbulent Times (LiTT) webinar.

Future-ready companies not only perform but also transform simultaneously. They strategically reposition their core business to enhance resilience and exploit the strongest competitive advantages feasible within changing markets. Some executives think performing is about cutting costs, but it’s more than this. It’s about asking introspective questions: What sets us apart from competitors? What aspects must we relinquish? Why do customers choose us?

Moreover, future-ready enterprises actively engage in…

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