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We’re not there yet: busting the myths about gender equality 

IbyIMD+ Published 6 July 2023 in Brain Circuits • 4 min read

Maybe you think the problem of women’s advancement has been solved? If you find yourself thinking any of the following, then it’s time to think again.


Myth 1: Women are being fast-tracked for top jobs, leaving men in the dust 

Why it’s wrong: The speeding up of women’s advancement stops when there are enough women for the firm to look good – but nothing has changed structurally, so numbers will start slipping rather than growing.  

If you dig into the career progression of women in the highest executive roles of your average Fortune 100 company, you will indeed see that they have been catapulted into those roles earlier in their careers (relative to similarly qualified men). But, far from creating a pattern of reverse discrimination, the speeding up of women’s promotion to senior roles stops once companies have more than one high-ranking female executive. This is what researchers from IE Business School (Madrid) and the Wharton School (Philadelphia) revealed in their an…

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