Renaud Falgas

Renaud Falgas is a co-founder and board member of the IMD Luxury 2050 Forum. He brings not only his strong passion for sustainability, but also great insights gained through his 17+ years of industry working, teaching, and startup advisory experiences. Before switching to financing industry in 2023, Renaud worked in leadership roles overseeing strategic international projects at Swatch Group, Nestlé, and Nespresso, focusing on supply chain, sustainability, and digital transformation. Besides full-time working in industry, Renaud also teaches Supply Chain and Operations at Business School Lausanne, to inspire and empower younger generations. He also advises startup companies. He takes great interest in venture capital, as he sees the need and power of diverting capital allocation into technology and innovations to solve the world’s most challenging issues. He holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Sciences and Engineering from EPFL. Renaud has also obtained an Executive MBA from IMD.

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