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Brain circuits

Three exercises for a great leadership mind frame

IbyIMD+Published 19 January 2022 in Brain circuits • 2 min read

Great leaders understand that all their actions and words convey both the tone and culture of the workplace environment. It is therefore a good idea to take some time and get your head in the right space at the beginning of each day. This can take several forms.

Become an innovative thinker

Start with challenging your thinking. Through exhaustive research, we have identified the core principles that can help executives change their mindsets and foster positive innovation for themselves and their teams. The framework, dubbed ALIEN Thinking, illustrates the five key patterns of thinking that distinguish innovators. This framework can be applied in your quest to become more creative and innovative. Read how to do it here.


Learn how to solve problems better


When faced with a strategic challenge, executives often treat the symptoms of the problem rather than the underlying pain. To avoid this trap, it is important to go beyond the surface characteristics of the problem to identify the root causes of the issue. What you need is a process that covers all necessary bases at a level of detail commensurate for the problem at hand. We have identified a simple, three-step process to get to the heart of complex problems and enable you to make better decisions. Give it a try.

Challenge your own decision-making

Great decisions come with practice, and it’s important to try a variety of techniques to make good decisions. One such method is Edward de Bono’s “Six Thinking Hats.” This exercise aims to help you move beyond your normal frame of thought and look at things from a number of different perspectives. This can be a critical factor in honing your decision-making skills. Learn the steps here.



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