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Test yourself: How inclusive is your organization?

IbyIMD+Published 6 June 2023 in Brain Circuits • 3 min read

Pride month is upon us, and it’s encouraging to see so many companies display the rainbow flag and make outward proclamations of support for the LGBTQ+ community.

However, more than showing once a year that your organization wants to be inclusive, this is the right time to reflect and assess if you are being inclusive all year round or are you at risk of pinkwashing?

To find out, ask yourself the following questions – and be honest about the answers, as it could provide you with a roadmap this June on how you might improve inclusiveness throughout your organization during the next 12 months.

When was the last time you considered how the LGBTQ+ community within your organization feels?

If your answer was when you were preparing for pride month last June, that is a clear sign your organization is jumping on the bandwagon and not really serious about this issue. Pride month is a great reminder, but if you’re not considering this group of employees regularly, it will be noticed within the organization. As you display your rainbow flag this month, ask yourself what you are going to do for the rest of the year to follow through with your good intentions.

Do your company policies support non-traditional families?

Your policies (hopefully) address non-discrimination and inclusiveness within your organization, but when you get granular within these policies and language do you really consider everyone? For instance, is your parental leave policy still called maternity leave? Do you give equal opportunity to parents of all genders? If you are in the C-suite, have you even reviewed these policies recently? If not, sit with your human resources department and talk about ensuring both the language and the policy consider all types of family arrangements.


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Do you have rewards that honor inclusivity?

HR professionals agree that rewards and benefits play a role in diversity and inclusion, so rewarding examples of mindful inclusion can improve engagement on these issues.

Have you considered how to handle LGBTQ+ employees in the international environment?

What happens if an LGBTQ+ employee is assigned to a country that doesn’t have a framework to support them? Do have a plan to ensure their security? If they reject a role in such a country, how will it impact their career?

Have you ignored any instances of microaggressions or discriminatory references in the last year?

Surprisingly, even in organizations that try to maintain an inclusive culture, employees frequently witness discriminatory humor and off-handed inappropriate comments. It is important to always speak up in these situations. You don’t need to alienate someone by speaking out but approach the situation as an educational opportunity.

Remember, changing a company’s culture isn’t going to happen overnight, or even in one month, but if you work consistently to set a strong example of inclusion you are planting the seeds for growth.

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