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Brain circuits

Reality check: Are you living up to your diversity and inclusion commitments?

IbyIMD+Published 11 November 2021 in Brain circuits β€’ 3 min read

When something is being marketed and you are surrounded by it from all directions, it’s easy to get on board. But when the hullabaloo dies down, it’s also easy to forget whatever the fad was at the time. Businesses are as prone to this as individuals, but when something doesn’t have a clear and visible impact on the bottom line, as is often true with ESG goals, it’s critical they understand that the impact is there.

ESG and principles such as diversity and inclusion are not just fads; shareholders and consumers alike are demanding visible evidence that companies are living up to their promises. During Pride Month in June companies across the globe loudly proclaimed their commitment to diversity and inclusion. Now, six months later, it’s a good time to revisit where you stand on those promises.

In June, there were lots of helpful articles and…

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