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What’s the big deal about “he/him” ”she/her” ”they/them”?

IbyIMD+ Published 6 June 2022 in Brain Circuits • 3 min read

As June is pride month, you have probably seen many of your colleagues change their email signatures and LinkedIn profiles to indicate what pronouns they use. Some people are still confused why people do this. Why would women put “she/her,” and men put “he/his,” particularly when they are actually presenting as female or male?  It seems that it should be ‘obvious’ how they should be addressed. 

It might be obvious, but… 

… some people may present as female, but they might identify as male, or non-binary. Or they may be male at birth, but present and identify as female. Or they may be intersex at birth, present as male, and personally identify as non-binary. The “she/her”, “he/his” or “they/them” is a way to articulate this personal self-identification.  

I get it, but…  

… wouldn’t it make sense only for people whose own gender identity does not match sex at birth,…

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