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Brain circuits

Do you know when it’s time to seek outside help?

IbyIMD+ Published 10 November 2022 in Brain circuits • 4 min read

Startups go through all sorts of growing pains as they attempt to scale up. While there is no way to guarantee success, there are certain things great leaders do to give their companies a better chance of winning. One of these things is knowing when to humble yourself and ask for help to move the company to the next level. Consider what stage your organization is at and ask yourself the following questions to see if it might be time to accept that someone else may be better at certain tasks, and perhaps you should be sharing power and decisions.

Is it time for your company to redesign your product for scale?

Once you have found the holy grail of product-market fit with your ideal target customers, it will be time to redesign the product for high-volume manufacturing or the service for speed and efficiency.

If you answered yes above, have you ever done this…

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