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Brain circuits

Are you suffering from digital myopia?

IbyIMD+ Published 21 November 2022 in Brain circuits β€’ 3 min read

As leaders, once we’ve had some successes it is easy to get tunnel vision. When things are running smoothly, we tend to focus on the positive – but this can be dangerous because we may not see critical new information that is changing the world around us. Many traditional businesses are falling into this trap, failing to notice that digital platforms and data-driven experiences have caused the playing field to change.

For today’s exercise, test yourself to see if your organization may be suffering from this digital myopia. Ask yourself the following questions:

Are you comfortable with your company’s products because sales are strong?

If you answered yes, consider whether you are in a product trap. A product trap is when you fail to see how you can expand your revenue-generating scope using interactive data generated by your products.…

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