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Jan Ryan, CEO (A)

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September 2005
Reference: IMD-3-1574

Jan Ryan, is a new CEO of Europe who has been in his role for two months. He is facing major strategic and leadership issues, and has also been set ambitious performance targets by HQ. The case explores the nature of the challenges Ryan is facing in developing his senior managers into a cohesive team, both strategically and organizationally, using views from the VPs of Strategy and HR to illustrate differing perspectives on the issues. The case offers the opportunity for class discussion of : (a) whether to tackle the strategic and organizational problems separately or together; (b) how many people should be involved in an initial off-site to decide on the way forward; and (c) if and how Ryan should introduce the challenging performance targets from HQ to the off-site discussions

Top Team-building, Must-win Battles, Consumer Goods
ca. 2003
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This case study is part of a series
This case study is part of a series
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