Case Study

Guidewire (B): The corporate sprint

2 pages
May 2007
Reference: IMD-3-1834

In addition to using Scrum and Sprint Teams internally, Guidewire has been successful at teaching their clients how to use the process as well. In these larger organization, the process has enabled: a) rapid customer feedback; b) flexible product implementations; c) fast development. If a large mainstream insurance company can derive these benefits from the process, where else might it apply?

Learning Objective

In the B case, participants are presented with the additional information that Guidewire has been successfully teaching their large insurance clients how to use Scrum and Sprint Teams internally to run software implementation projects. This enables the turning point in the classroom conversation from an interesting organizational approach utilized by an innovative startup, to something participants in larger organizations are encouraged to consider how they might apply to their own situations.

Technology, Organization, Scrum, Agility, Flexibility, Sprint, Team, Customer Feedback
United States of America
Guidewire Software, Finance and Insurance, Consumer Goods, Computers
2001 - 2017
Field Research
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