Case Study

Greg Dyke: Taking the helm at the BBC (A)

12 pages
December 2003
Reference: IMD-3-1353

This is a teaching case designed to illustrate the challenges facing a senior executive, in this case a CEO (Director-General), as he/she takes over a new role in a new organization. The BBC has major internal challenges around organization and culture, in addition to significant external market challenges as the media industry moves from analogue to digital technologies. The case is set on the day of Greg Dyke´s first speech to staff when he needs to set the agenda for his time as Director-General. Key discussion points are expected to be around: the priorities he sets for tackling the issues that face him, how he communicates his leadership style and the approaches for tackling an unhappy organization

Media, Culture
United Kingdom
British Broadcasting Corporation
Field Research
© 2003
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