Case Study

Eris (B): Rebranding and preparing the ground for expansion

23 pages
December 2007
Reference: IMD-3-1874

The B-case describes how Eris arrived at a new strategy, focused on raising their brand to a premium level and creating a new brand for the mass market. It also shows how the company professionalized their organization while sustaining its unique culture. There were still several open questions: How do you sustain a successful family culture while growing? Does the company need to enter new segments to keep up with competition in the mass market? How do you prepare for an international expansion? Which markets to choose and why?

Learning Objective

Learn how local companies can formulate effective strategies to compete with multinationals; how they can create a premium brand not only by competing with price; how they can build a unique culture that values job satisfaction, innovation, motivates employees and allows them to balance private and professional life.

Brand Development, Branding, Culture, Expansion, Growth, Organization, Post-communism, Private Company
Field Research
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