What do Indian tractors and iconic America ice-cream companies have in common? Why are leaders of Unilever, Nestlé, and many other global companies redefining their futures? Why does this matter to you?

The world is shifting and it’s fast and furious. The world is more connected every day. Global challenges are multiplying – and the institutions that we expect to take care of these issues can’t do it alone. Are you – and your organization – ready for this world? If not, you had better get ready – if you don’t rethink your business, someone else will.

From interviews with 156 CEOs and senior leaders of organizations from around the world and our work with top teams of leading companies, this book offers insights and practical tools for leaders preparing their businesses, and themselves, for the future. The focus is what actions can be taken today to prepare – including how to bridge the gap between delivering today and succeeding in the future.

Strategy Dynamics, 2013 ● Paperback ● ISBN 9782970084730

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