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Bill it, kill it, or keep it free

Professor Stefan Michel looks at whether companies can benefit from charging for previously free services in the first episode of a new video series on influential research by IMD faculty
3 min.
December 2018

Does your company give away services that it could either eliminate or charge for and generate additional revenues?

IMD Professor and Dean of the EMBA Program, Stefan Michel, along with Insead and former IMD Professor Wolfgang Ulaga recently carried out research on how pervasive this practice is at companies and whether they should discontinue or start charging fees for previously free services.

Their research was published in the influential and FT-50 listed MIT Sloan Management Review, in an article titled Bill it, kill it, or keep it free.

In this new IMD Research and Knowledge video series, IMD faculty explore the surprising results from recently-published influential, research-based articles, and spell out the main learning points for business leaders.

What should your company do? Bill it, kill it, or keep it free?

Watch the video and find out.

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Stefan Michel also leads the online program B2B Pricing Strategy


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