Case Study

Elite: The digital mattress company

17 pages
June 2018
Reference: IMD-7-1984

François Pugliese acquired Elite Beds in Etoy in a small buy-in in 2006 and then proceeded to re-invent completely its business, first by pivoting its business model and introducing Smart Leases and then by digitizing it, turning the mattress into a true technology platform, with dozens of innovative projects in the pipeline. As he proceeded to the conference room for the Board meeting in April 2017, François wondered whether it would help to prioritize the projects, and if so how? Did these projects effectively represent another pivot for the company again? Was it time to force change again?

Learning Objective
  • Managing growth
  • Engineering a buy-in, financing deals
  • Strategic pivots
  • Business model changes
  • Innovation management
  • Digitalization of the mattress
  • Technology platforms, growth management
  • Innovation portfolio management.
Buyout, Growth Management, Career Choice, Pivoting, Business Model, Digital Transformation, Retail, Leasing
Elite Beds, Consumer Goods, Furniture
Field Research
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