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World Competitiveness Yearbook 2020

The IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook (WCY) is the leading annual report on the competitiveness of countries and has been published by IMD since 1989. It benchmarks the performance of 63 economies based on more than 330 criteria measuring different facets of competitiveness. There are three main sections in the World Competitiveness Yearbook: 

Competitiveness Rankings

The Competitiveness Ranking is complemented by several breakdowns of the overall ranking. For example, rankings split by population size, by wealth or by region (Europe-Middle East-Africa, Asia-Pacific, and the Americas). In addition, the five-year evolution of overall and factor rankings is available.


Competitiveness Country profiles

For each of the 63 countries, we have conducted an in-depth analysis showing overall performance, challenges, the competitiveness landscape, greatest improvements and biggest declines, strengths and weaknesses, and evolution.


Statistical tables

We have created criteria rankings of the 63 countries (over 330 tables) to enable easy country comparisons.

Texts on competitiveness analysis, methodology, FAQs, a list of all the information providers and detailed notes and sources are also provided.

Publisher International Institute for Management Development
ISBN 9782970108573

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