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Choosing Change

How leaders and organizations drive results one person at a time

Susan Goldsworthy

By Professor Susan GoldsworthySusan Goldsworthy
with Walter McFarland

If there's one certainty in business today, it's this: Change is coming your way. You have no choice in the matter. The choice you do have is either to embrace it or bury your head in the sand.

In Choosing Change, ASTD Chairman Walter McFarland and leadership executive coach Susan Goldsworthy offer a proven new model for not just facing inevitable change - but leveraging it as a tool for long-term success. The first step is personal: You must decide that you are going to change; only then can you lead change. From there, the authors present the tactics and strategies you need to compete today.

If you want to survive and flourish in today's business world, you must be prepared to adapt to changing marketplace circumstances. Sudden changes in markets, society, and the economy have ruined industryleading companies overnight - because they weren't change-focused. Don't be one of them. Lead yourself and your organization to the top - and stay there - by Choosing Change.

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