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Leading in turbulent times webinar series: Fighting Coronavirus with AI - Evidence, Effort and Ethics

43 min.
March 2020

This webinar with Amit Joshi, Professor of AI, Analytics and Marketing Strategy, appeared live on Monday 23 March, at 11am CET.

Leaders can observe and learn from the ways in which AI is being used by governments in the current coronavirus climate to make correlations with their organizations.

Almost every country in the world is using AI in some shape or form to confront the pandemic, combining data and analytics, and using the results as substance for driving decisions.

Specifically, collecting data in Singapore might involve heavy use of CCTV; in South Korea working with cell phone signals; and in Israel, text messaging. Take Beijing, where Apps are asking people to record their temperature twice a day. That way, analysts can pinpoint covid clusters and conversely, assure people they are not in one.

The value of such data is put into perspective by remembering that most of us are expected to catch the virus over time. Currently, one carrier infects on average 2.6 people. If we can lower this ratio by capitalising on our data capabilities, we can win the battle.

Along with these issues, Professor Joshi discussed how balancing the value from data and ethical considerations was critical, and planted the idea: what does the way in which AI is colouring the coronavirus situation mean for society as a whole?


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