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Leading in Turbulent Times

Where the heck are the women in tech? New ways to attract, develop, and retain female talent 

IbyIMD+14 June 2024 • by Sarah E. Toms in Leading in Turbulent Times

Tackling gender disparity in the tech industry has never been more important – or more urgent. Sarah Toms explores the benefits of a diverse workforce, the importance of mentorship and sponsorship, and...

We need more women with their hands on the keyboard. But how can we inspire young women and girls to embrace a traditionally male-dominated field?

Recently, I had the opportunity to discuss how we can shape the future of gender diversity in the tech industry during “Breaking Barriers: Empowering Women in the Tech Ecosystem”, an IMD Leading in Turbulent Times (LiTT) webinar.

My objective was not to stand on a soapbox, but rather to share my observations from nearly three decades of experience in tech, focusing on effective strategies for attracting, developing, and retaining women in this field.

Where are the women in tech?

There is a significant gender disparity in the tech industry. Globally, women hold only 27% of tech roles, with just 17% in leadership positions. This lack of representation results in a loss of diverse perspectives and hinders overall progress. In Europe, only 22% of tech roles are occupied by women; in AI, this figure drops into the teens.

While the…

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