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Leading in Turbulent Times


AI regulation: Turning compliance into competitive advantage 

IbyIMD+12 April 2024 • by Öykü Işık in Leading in Turbulent Times

How navigating regulatory changes around AI can not only safeguard your organization against emerging threats but also foster ethical and sustainable innovation  ...

In the relentless pursuit of ever-more sophisticated generative artificial intelligence (GenAI), technology companies are now putting fresh productivity tools into the hands of organizations worldwide. However, this surge in AI capability puts the onus on businesses to navigate still-evolving regulations to ensure their innovations are not only groundbreaking but also ethically sound and legally compliant.

My recent insights, shared during a Leading in Turbulent Times (LiTT) webinar, shed light on the strategic importance of not just compliance, but also leveraging regulations to drive innovation and competitive advantage in organizations.

The imperative is clear: according to research by Goldman Sachs , AI investment is expected to surge in the coming years, with leaders of organizations being the primary adopters of AI tools (80% are already regular users), much more so than middle managers or frontline employees. From deciphering ancient texts to diagnosing diseases…

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