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CEO Dialogue podcast series


Alain Dehaze

9 December 2021 in CEO Dialogue podcast series

Adecco CEO Alain Dehaze is joined by Jordan Topeleski to discuss what tomorrow's labour markets will look like in a post pandemic world...

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As CEO of the Adecco Group, Alain Dehaze has a unique perspective on the future of labor. The pandemic revealed just how quickly workplaces can change, and his fortune 500 group has helped millions of people find jobs and reskill in an uncertain and highly-competitive global economy. 

For Dehaze, the pandemic did not create new megatrends but accelerated them; making it all the more important for governments to retrain national workforces.

In conversation with IMD President Jean-François Manzoni, Dehaze and protege Jordan Topoleski discuss the merits of homeworking, what’s next for global labor markets and why young workers are increasingly choosing employers based on ‘EQ’



Host: IMD President Jean-François Manzoni 

Guests: Alain Dehaze & Jordan Topoleski 

Produced by JohnJo Devlin

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