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How to harness talent of people with disability 

IbyIMD+ Published 5 February 2024 in Talent • 6 min read

A five-layered, multi-step approach can help to attract and develop the largely untapped talents of ‘the world’s largest minority’.

With four in five CEOs concerned about finding the talent they need to execute their strategies, according to IMD survey research, people with disability present a significant opportunity. According to the World Health Organization, PWDs account for more than 10% of the world’s working population. This translates to one billion globally who live with a disability – the world’s largest “minority” group.

Yet organizations often struggle to attract, develop, and retain PWDs. While disability awareness and other formal procedures are helpful, they are often insufficient when it comes to creating the conditions that enable organizations to harness the talent and potential of PWDs.

Equally, paid employment has been shown to provide a vehicle for accessing a range of benefits – including social, economic, and personal opportunities – for PWDs. Paid work improves health outcomes and contributes to individual well-being through job satisfaction and a sense of purpose.

So what…

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