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Capital Conversations

Chris Douvos of Ahoy Capital explores the evolution of the emerging managers segment

26 March 2024 • by Raphaël Grieco, Karl Schmedders in Capital Conversations

The founder of Ahoy Capital talks concentrated portfolios and the value of right-sized investments...

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In this new episode of Capital Conversations, we speak with Chris Douvos about how the emerging managers segment in venture capital has evolved since 2010.

Chris Douvos founded Ahoy Capital in 2018, focusing on backing emerging venture capital fund managers. With nearly two decades in venture capital, he pioneered the micro-VC movement. The firm is focused on finding intentionally right-sized investment vehicles, believing that size can hinder performance. It prioritizes concentrated portfolios, anchored by top-performing VC managers, alongside dynamic emerging managers and co-investments.

With experience catalyzing leading managers since the early micro-VC days, Ahoy pursues a conviction-based strategy, backing dynamic nascent managers and companies with sustainable competitive advantages or leveraging innovation ecosystems.


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raphael grieco

Raphaël Grieco

Research Associate at the IMD Venture Asset Management Initiative

Raphaël Grieco has joined IMD as a Research Associate for the Venture Asset Management Initiative, drawing on over 15 years of leadership experience at the intersection of cross-asset Wealth Management and Technology. Raphael specializes in early-stage venture investing, multi-support educational content creation spanning written and audio formats, as well as building entrepreneurial ecosystems focusing on technology (including crypto and web3).

Karl Schmedders - IMD Professor of Finance

Karl Schmedders

Professor of Finance at IMD

Karl Schmedders is Professor of Finance at IMD. In his research, he applies numerical solution techniques to complex economic and financial models, shedding light on relevant market issues and industry problems. He is also Director of IMD’s new online certification course for structured investment products in partnership with Swiss company Leonteq, teaches in the Advanced Management Concepts (AMC) and Executive MBA programs, and is an advisor on International Consulting Projects in the MBA program.

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