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stronger relationships 


How concession-making helps forge stronger relationships 

IbyIMD+ Published 29 April 2024 in Leadership • 5 min read • Audio availableAudio available

Follow our essential guide on how and when to make concessions to foster healthy relationships and encourage a collaborative working environment.

When we think about concessions in a business context, our minds might jump to a high-stakes negotiation where both sides haggle to seal a deal. As we delve deeper, however, it becomes clear that concession-making is not merely a transactional act but also a transformative skill for all employees with the potential to elevate relationships to new heights.

Reciprocity, the unspoken rule of giving and taking, is central to concession-making. This behavior is not unique to humans but widespread across the animal kingdom. Capuchin monkeys, for example, demonstrate instances of reciprocal altruism. When one monkey shares food with another, the recipient often reciprocates later, enhancing social bonds within the group.

Making concessions in everyday workplace interactions is a crucial part of fostering positive relationships and maintaining a healthy, collaborative environment. On an individual level, leaders who make concessions set an example of humility and adaptability.…

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