Patrick Flesner

Patrick Flesner is a seasoned leadership and executive coach, a former professional handball player in the Handball-Bundesliga, a recognized bestselling author, and a renowned expert in the field of leadership. His diverse background, which includes experiences in top-level sports, roles as a partner in prestigious German law firms, a leadership position in a publicly traded company, and as a partner in a venture capital fund, has endowed him with a comprehensive and multifaceted perspective on leadership. Flesner’s growth mindset leadership philosophy – a central theme in his books The Leadership House – The Challenging Path to Becoming an Effective Leader and FastScaling – The Smart Path to Building Massively Valuable Businesses as well as in his LinkedIn Newsletter Leadership Shots – extends to his various publications, keynotes, and his TEDx talk “How to Become an Effective Leader”. This ethos is the cornerstone of Unloq Growth, his advisory firm specializing in growth mindset-leadership. He is the author of the best-selling high-growth handbook for founders FastScaling and the leadership guide Leading Effectively.

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