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Brain Circuits

What do employees and colleagues really value?

IbyIMD+Published 20 June 2023 in Brain Circuits • 3 min read

In the turbulent world of the workplace, there’s no shortage of discussion about what people genuinely embrace – the latest technology, a sense of inclusion, and meaningful work are usually discussed, among many other possibilities.

Right now, ask yourself what are the three most important factors to attract and retain employees? Write them down.


Was one of these factors “transformation”?


If not, you’re not alone. Transformation is often lost in the shuffle when executives consider what is important to their most talented employees. That appeal doesn’t come in the form of a polite request. Increasingly, it’s an outright demand, an essential component of employee recruiting and retention.

Technology is often the first thing most executives think of when pondering how to flourish in a digital world.  But to leverage everything digital transformation offers, you need people.…

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