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Brain circuits

Take your leadership to the next level

IbyIMD+Published 7 January 2022 in Brain circuits • 2 min read

There are so many factors that contribute to exceptional leadership that it may seem like you are constantly working on your skills, and the truth is you should be. Successful leaders are in a constant state of evolution and do regular self-checks to ensure they are doing the best they can for their teams. Here are four factors for you to consider when you want to take your leadership to the next level.

Learn to thrive in disruption

Leaders who thrive in disruptive environments share some common characteristics. We call them agile leaders, and they give us insight into what a strong model of successful leadership looks like. At IMD’s Global Center for Digital Business Transformation we studied the leaders of these transformations and the qualities they needed to succeed and identified four key factors. To find out if you have them, or how to acquire them, read this.

Prepare for the future

It’s not just self-development you need to be looking at, but also what you are doing for the next generation of leaders in your company. Smooth transitions in leadership roles are critical to workplace continuity even in times of turmoil. There are ways to plan for this by fine-tuning your leadership strategy now. The chances are your company is currently trying to develop leaders through two main strategies: the first via executive leadership education and the second through succession management processes. But are you capturing the synergies between the two?

Identifying and combining the key elements between leadership and succession management functions is an essential part of nurturing a more robust leadership pipeline. Here are the four most important steps to capture succession management and leadership development synergies.

Check yourself

One of the things great leaders do is evaluate themselves on a regular basis. Here are some principles to remember when fine-tuning your leadership skills, which are worth checking on a regular basis.

Understand what sets great leaders apart

We have studied thousands of companies through several crises, starting with the Great Depression. What we discovered is that companies that flourished through rough times all had one thing in common: their leaders’ actions. Three key business behaviors defined success for companies that excelled despite facing a crisis: find out if you have them here.



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