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Brain circuits

Exercises for leaders to test their interpersonal skills

Published 18 February 2022 in Brain circuits • 2 min read

Successful leaders know how to finesse relationships and situations to achieve favorable outcomes. It isn’t a skill that comes naturally to everyone, but it is one that can be learned. Try these exercises to practice some of the trickier situations you can encounter at the office.

Tricky negotiations

While there is no single “best way” to negotiate, there are critical aspects to negotiation that are important to understand. You need to adapt your approach to each situation. Like any other skill, your ability to negotiate will improve with practice. Do you think you are a great negotiator? You can test your skills by grappling with these three negotiators’ dilemmas and checking if your answers are consistent with the research.

Dealing with conflict

Are you afraid of conflict? Many people are, but as a leader it is something you are going to have to deal with. The good news is, it is possible to rewire your brain so you can learn to face conflicts, solve them, and even enjoy the process. Learn the steps to do that here.

Building alliances

To be influential in complex organizations, you must be able to navigate stakeholder environments and build coalitions in support of your objectives. Learn the key strategies involved in becoming an expert at building alliances.

Communicating with your adversaries

The motivation of an adversary falls into three areas: focused, emotional, or revengeful. When clashing with a team member or colleague whose interests may not be aligned with yours, it is important to learn how to work with them. Learn how here.

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