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Brain circuits

Are you taking the wrong approach to recruiting?

Published 25 March 2022 in Brain circuits • 2 min read

There is a mistake you might be making when recruiting leadership within your company. Often, companies search far and wide for the right people – even when those candidates are sitting right in front of them.

The exercise

Take a look at the people on your team, especially those at lower levels. Now ask yourself what potential you think they have which you may not have seen. It sounds simple, but sometimes when employees are successful in roles where they demonstrate the appropriate skills and knowledge it blinds others to their potential, especially if they are not the type of person to seek the limelight. Therefore, it is important to really get to know your employees, especially those who seem to prefer to stay in the background. Also, never assume that you have seen all there is to see about another person.

Embrace the risk

Risk-taking isn’t just about trying new products and strategies, it can mean taking a chance on people as well. That doesn’t mean just throwing them into the role without support, however. It is important to look at what skills they may be lacking and help them get the education and training they need. But if you don’t give your employees a chance to stretch themselves in different roles, you may not realize when you are overlooking someone who has a lot more to give.

Investing in your own people may be some of the best money you spend, especially in the face of today’s extremely tight labor market.


Ric Roi

Richard Roi

Professor of Leadership and Organization at IMD

Ric Roi is Professor of Leadership and Organization at IMD. He is a senior business psychologist and advises boards and CEOs on matters related to board renewal, CEO succession, top team effectiveness and leadership transitions.


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