Case Study

Yamamoto Recording Media: Nimes plant - from 7 weeks to 7 days delivery

19 pages
May 1999
Reference: IMD-6-0213

In June 1996, Henri Fazan, Managing Director, Yamamoto Recording Media Production France, being convinced that the time was ripe to introduce a radical change in Yamamoto’s order-delivery process for video and audio cassettes in Europe, decided to focus initially on the production of VHS cassettes at the Nimes plant. While operations at Nimes would need to be changed, so would other systems and procedures throughout the supply chain. In considering implementation of 7-Day Delivery, Fazan recognised that the changes involved would impact not only his own area of responsibility, but would require buy-in from other stakeholders in the supply chain. How was he going to convince suppliers, Yamamoto Logistics Europe, Yamamoto National Sales companies, retail customers and his own people that a 7-day order-to-delivery cycle was possible when currently it stood at 7 weeks? This case demonstrates the importance of acquiring a thorough understanding of the process flow so as to recognise the critical elements within the supply chain which dictate the order-delivery cycle. Only then can a plan of action be developed to implement performance improvement and to reduce the order-delivery cycle effectively.

Supply Chain Management, Business Process Reengineering, Production Management, Operations Management
Europe, France
June 1996
Field Research
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