Case Study

28 pages
December 2001
Reference: IMD-3-1031

Printeurope was founded in December 1999 to exploit an opportunity for corporations to reduce printing costs and process times using workflow software tools. After winning a business competition in 2000, the company launched its electronic marketplace but it foundered. It then tried, but failed, to raise second round venture financing. The case deals with the repositioning of Printeurope from a dotcom marketplace to a software service provider. The company has been downsized, and it faces severe financial constraints. The immediate priority is to refine the business model and validate the concept by securing an important reference customer. But despite the obvious appeal of the product, this is an uphill battle. The participants are asked to analyze and make recommendations on the business model, the positioning of the company, the sales approach and the pricing strategy.

Repositioning, Dotcom, Software, Pricing, Start-up, Printing
June 2001
Field Research
© 2001
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