Case Study

Leupin SA: Supply chain management

10 pages
October 2004
Reference: IMD-6-0256

Leupin S.A. is a producer of industrial finishing systems (liquid coating, powder coating, and electrocoating) based in Normandy, France. Each of the company’s three major divisions has supply chain issues; the case is a description of each of them. The first deals with some classic bottleneck issues and whether a full-blown outsourcing of completely assembled modules is the best way around the problem, or whether some less drastic solution is called for. The second involves a very finicky customer and whether the division should invest more in a product with an uncertain future. The third considers its division’s parts business and how supplier companies ought to be treated. Other issues, including the company’s in-house fabrication business, are also posed.

Supply Chain Management, Outsourcing, Liquid Coating System, Powder Coating System, Electrocoating System, Production Management, Operations Management
Early 2003
Field Research
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