Case Study

Alain Piguet: Leading the customer relationship management initiative

3 pages
June 2008
Reference: IMD-3-1973

In August 2006, Alain Piguet, head of customer relationship management (CRM) at KONE, was preparing for a steering group meeting at which it would be decided whether to roll out, across the entire organization, the piloted CRM system he and his team had been working on for the past six months. In order to pursue its strategic priorities, KONE was transforming itself to be a more globally market-driven company. This led to a number of customer initiatives such as customer segmentation, new customer processes and e-business tools as well as the decision to implement a CRM solution. In 2006 KONE was the only company in the industry to consider globally implementing a CRM solution in 42 countries.

Learning Objective

Evaluate strategic initiatives and different types of implementation practices and how they contribute to performance. More specifically, discuss the role of pilots during the implementation phase.

Customer Relationship Management, Implementation Plan, Pilot, Transformation
World/global, Finland
Field Research
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