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Sprint for organizations. Scale, speed, impact 

Sprint for organizations. Scale, speed, impact 

Accelerated learning

1-2 week program

100% online

Join from anywhere

Proven methodology

15,000+ participants to date

Impactful learning

98% recommend Sprint

Sprint for organizations

Sprint enables you to reach deep into your workforce in a very fast time-frame, with the latest business and leadership skills for a variety of different audiences. Designed to accelerate learning and create alignment across your organization, Sprint ensures you drive results in ways that are innovative, time-effective and very cost-effective.

Collective alignment

Turnkey and custom options to align with your different audiences.

Built for scale

Training solutions from one employee to 20,000.

Easy to roll out

IMD manages the complexity for your organization.

Measurable impact

Demonstrate impact and ROI with tracking. Gain user insights. Optimize for your outcomes.

Sprint makes IMD accessible to your whole organization

Sprint accelerates knowledge and capabilities needed by a whole organization to transform, compete and grow. Topics include leadership, stress management, business and cultural transformation, strategy roll-out, generative AI, and more.

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Individual participants
  • Participate in engaging, intense and interactive learning.
  • Be recognized as a highly-valued employee in the organization.
  • Apply learning ‘live’ as part of IMD’s pedagogical approach.
  • Get a toolkit to engage with the whole team.
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Senior management
  • Deepen your learning experience, at a different level and in a different context.
  • Gain insights on perspectives and approaches at other levels in the broader organization.
  • Walk the talk, to help embed new learning and behaviors for the longer term.
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  • Ensure a holistic and aligned learning approach across all levels of your organization.
  • Equip all employees in a short time frame.
  • Gain fresh organizational insights in real time which can be quickly consolidated.
bayer impact story - IMD Business School
Discover how Bayer has successfully cascaded IMD Sprint throughout the organization

Rethinking the relationship between scale, speed, and impact allowed Bayer to upskill at scale, delivering measurable impact and behavioral changes that surpassed expectations.

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Alignment serves as the catalyst for transformation, and ensuring that everyone undergoes onboarding using a common language is crucial. IMD Sprint offers a highly efficient approach to rapidly propel your transformation journey, witnessing rapid change in action.

Anna Dunand IMD, Chief Business Development Officer
Real-time impact

The combination of live virtual sessions and pre-recorded content help fast-track the acquisition of key skills to create real-time and sustainable impact.


of participants experienced significant personal impact after attending a Sprint.


of participants gained practical tools and ideas.


of participants enhanced their professional network.


of participants feel more self-confident after attending a Sprint.

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Designed to maximize employee engagement

Sprint uses a unique, innovative methodology with diverse, highly interactive, stimulating activities that change each day.

Easy to schedule

Just 1-2 hours per day over 1-2 weeks

Fun format

Including live virtual sessions with faculty, pre-recorded materials, peer learning and coaching

Project based

Participants directly apply learnings back to your organization

Up-to-date content

New live content for every session to ensure rapid professional and business growth

What participants say about Sprint
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Joanna Aleksandrowicz

Principal Consultant/Senior Manager | GFT Group | Poland

An inspirational booster

Sprint is an inspirational booster. It’s a top-class, hands-on experience with engaging workshops, useful case discussions and a set of “ready-to-use” digital transformation tools

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Fernanda Giuntini

Vice President | Americana Foods | Dubai, UAE

Simple and powerful

Sprint is so simple and so powerful!!! It gets you engaged and excited to practice the learnings! It’s an exciting journey and far above my expectations!

 - IMD Business School
Adrian Hunn

Chief Executive Officer Zeramex/Dentalpoint | Switzerland

Exceeded my expectations

The online learning experience is outstanding. The mix between live sessions, online learning, and assessments are well balanced. It exceeded my expectations by far.

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Grow your top teams with IMD Sprints

Sprint accelerates knowledge and capabilities needed by a whole organization to transform, compete and grow.

Quickly diffuse new knowledge and upskill your teams to keep ahead of disruption and change.

Sprint makes IMD accessible to your whole organization.