Case Study

Dubai Aluminium (C)

12 pages
December 2001
Reference: IMD-3-1009

Today, Dubai Aluminium (Dubal) is a world-class producer of high quality aluminium products, with the largest single-site smelter outside Asia. But as recently as 1994, Dubal was struggling, a mid-size plant with modest financial results, apparently going nowhere. This three part case series tells the story of its dramatic transformation. It involves strategic reorientation, major capacity expansion, close cooperation with its customers, revitalizing its organization, and inspiring its people. The story of Dubal is, in addition, one of cultural diversity, with citizens from Arabia, Asia, Europe, and the Americas working together to achieve world class results. Managers from all industries and all parts of the world can take important lessons from Dubal’s transformation to excellence.

Capacity Expansion, Management Culture, Corporate Culture, Multicultural Workforce, Diversity
Field Research
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