Case Study

Aldo’s global omnichannel imperative

7 pages
December 2018
Reference: IMD-7-2049

Late 2015. E-commerce was changing the face of retailing, and ALDO, a Canadian shoe retailer with a global presence, was not immune. The effects of e-commerce were felt not just in the sales channels, but in the whole customer experience and the customer journey. To successfully execute a compelling online and overseas strategy, there were a few things that ALDO needed to consider: 1) How could it build its online presence overseas given its historical expansion via a franchise model? 2) Given the rise of e-commerce, should ALDO reconsider its internationalization business model? 3) What does a truly omnichannel business look like for ALDO, and what does the company need to do to make it succeed?

Learning Objective
  • Understand the challenges a company’s historical business model can bring to globalization in the ecommerce era
  • Explore the implications of e-commerce on customer experience and sales channels.
Omnichannel, Retail, Franchise, Globalization, eCommerce
World/global, Canada
Aldo Group, Consumer Goods, Footwear
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