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Agile tenacity: Cultivating adaptability, resilience and grit for leadership

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June 2023
Reference: IMD-7-2471

This note introduces the concept of agile tenacity, exploring the distinctions between adaptability, resilience and grit, and offering strategies for enhancing these qualities in yourself and your team. In today’s fast-paced and turbulent business environment, the need for leaders to exhibit adaptability, resilience and grit has become more critical than ever. Agile tenacity, a powerful combination of these qualities, empowers leaders to effectively navigate complexities and adversity, ensuring sustained success for both themselves and their organizations. Adaptability refers to a leader’s ability to adjust and respond effectively to changing circumstances, new information or unexpected challenges. Resilience, on the other hand, is the capacity to cope with adversity, recover from setbacks and maintain motivation in the face of difficulties. Grit, a related concept introduced by Angela Duckworth, encompasses aspects of adaptability and resilience but adds the qualities of passion for long-term goals and perseverance to achieve them. Understanding the distinctions between adaptability, resilience and grit enables leaders to develop a more comprehensive approach to personal growth and building high-performing teams. By recognizing the unique characteristics of each trait, leaders can create targeted strategies to enhance adaptability, resilience and grit, and ultimately cultivate agile tenacity.

Learning Objective
  • Understand the concept of agile tenacity and its importance in today’s dynamic business environment, along with its three key components: adaptability, resilience and grit.
  • Recognize the distinctions between adaptability, resilience and grit, and learn how to leverage each quality effectively to enhance personal and team performance.
  • Explore practical strategies for developing and enhancing adaptability, resilience and grit, thus fostering personal growth and leadership success.
  • Learn how to create a supportive environment that encourages growth, learning and perseverance, thus enabling teams to thrive in the face of challenges and change.
Human Resources, Adaptability, Resilience, Agility
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