The Disruption-Fit Leader

The Disruption-Fit Leader

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March 2019

In management thinking circles over the years, VUCA has become somewhat of a buzzword to describe a business landscape that is volatile, unpredictable, complex and ambiguous.

Now many are beginning to question it: Does it really exist, or did leaders create it, so they could blame it for some kind of uncontrollable fate instead of taking responsibility for their failings?

Having said that, if we acknowledge that a single tweet can shake Wall Street and far beyond, then it is probably fair to agree that we are operating in a world where there is much that we do not know and cannot control – a world where, for example, disruption may come from technology companies rather than our traditional competitors.

If a dominant position is no longer a guarantee of sustainable success, if the new generation of talent has different expectations before engaging, if the customer is now more empowered than ever, if everything is changing all the time, can leaders be the same as before? Is operating in such an environment just about applying methods such as scrum and agile? Or… do we need a new type of leader?

One thing is certain: Companies need to be disruption-ready to survive, so they need leaders who are disruption-fit. What do they look like?

Disruption-fit leaders are top-notch sensors

They are experts at scanning, and they know that observing the competitive landscape is by no means enough. Because everything is interrelated, they sense three layers simultaneously and understand how they influence each other.

Diagram1: The Integrated Alertness Leadership Model:

Image 1

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