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Executives tackle today’s biggest business challenges at OWP

Orchestrating Winning Performance in Singapore participants tell why the program is a must

December 8, 2015

Orchestrating Winning Performance (OWP) is IMD’s unique 5-day program for individuals and teams, where they find out about the latest trends and get insights into business management and leadership.

“At OWP participants choose the topics that are most relevant to them. The program provides new insights each session and will help leaders tackle the business challenges facing them right now,” said Michael Wade, IMD Professor and Director of OWP.

Here is what the participants from the most recent session in Singapore had to say.

Change your organization

“OWP provides an accessible way to understand complex topics. I will use what I learned in the program to help bring about change in my organization and to build a sustainable team,” said Lee Hang Sin, Lead Auditor at Sanofi Singapore.

“This is one of the greatest programs that I’ve ever participated in. It delivers content in a fun and efficient manner and I am using it to give my team the passion needed to outperform,” said Darmawan Junaidi, Regional CEO at Bank Mandiri.

Be more global

“My company is trying to scale up and grow its business. We are a young start-up that established a leading role in our local market and we went to OWP because we wanted to learn how to become more global,” said Davide Rossi, CEO of GoGo World.

Samantha Tai, Manager at Sanofi Singapore, said “I decided to come to OWP to get to know myself better and to develop a greater awareness of diversity. There was a good mix of participants from around the world and I enlarged my network.”

Rajeev Bhatt, General Manager at MOL Ship Management Singapore, said “OWP provides a useful platform for interaction with leaders from many different fields. I came to the program to keep myself updated on the latest concepts of management and explore how I might put those in practice in my organization.”

Plan your family business

“I came to OWP with my cousin in order to get a deeper understanding on how family businesses operate. We are especially using the program to find a format for success in planning ahead,” said Jad Jubaili, Business Development Manager at Jubali Bros. Inc.

Become a steward leader

Sorin Fischer of Airbus Defence and Space said “The OWP approach is enlightening and has opened my eyes and my mind. We are currently looking to completely change our ways of working to change from leadership to stewardship and the program offers valuable research for supporting this transition.”

“There’s a leadership focus at OWP that develops new ways of thinking about leading, developing and growing sustainable staff and business performance. The focus on executive health and stewardship is particularly great,” said Hannish Hobsen, Global Key Account Manager at Fonterra Sea.

Digitally transform

“In particular, I went to OWP to explore digital transformation and the luxury business. It is also an opportunity to network with executives from all over the world,” said Tiziano Capretta, Head of Group Strategic Supply Chain at Luxottica Group.

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