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An ESG primer for business leaders

IbyIMD+ Published 30 August 2021 in Sustainability • 8 min read

ESG is a frequently cited business principle that is growing rapidly in importance. Recently PwC announced plans to invest $12bn  to create 100,000 new jobs in order to help its clients understand, adopt and achieve ESG goals.

Yet ESG is not always well understood and it is plagued by pervasive myths, such as the idea that it is only relevant for polluting industries, or the notion that it is just a flavor of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

A stronger understanding of ESG (what ESG is, imperative for integrating ESG into business thinking and what it can do for your business)  will go a long way in unlocking value for businesses, customers and communities.

The ABCs of ESG

ESG isn’t a feel-good initiative, and it isn’t synonymous with sustainable investing, CSR or socially responsible investing. ESG is part of the impact investing spectrum and also factors in ethical considerations to take environmental, social and governance factors into account alongside…

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