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Transforming LEGO Group HR, brick by brick

Human Resources

Transforming LEGO Group HR, brick by brick

Published 16 February 2023 in Human Resources • 7 min read

The LEGO Group’s Loren I Shuster has an unusual background for a senior HR executive, and his remodeling of the Danish toy company’s HR-function is equally unconventional. 

Chief People Officer at the LEGO Group Loren I. Shuster spent much of the first quarter of 2021 thinking about whether traditional approaches to HR were still fit for purpose and what the function might need to change to serve the business’s needs more effectively. After conversations with other leading CHROs and influential thought leaders in the sector, Shuster made a decision: the LEGO Group’s People, Operations and Development function needed to go in a new direction.

Since then, the company has moved quickly to put theory into practice. “We landed on three core drivers of future HR success, and each of them is now in motion,” said Shuster, who before joining the LEGO Group had always worked in commercial roles rather than in HR. “We wanted to pivot from centers of excellence to communities of expertise, develop digital product management capabilities within HR, and set up a central pool of HR partners who could be deployed in a fluid manner according to where the…

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