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Influencers impact on influencer marketing and B2B marketing

CEO Circle

Influencer marketing and B2B: why you should start now – and how

Published 27 February 2023 in CEO Circle β€’ 7 min read

Billions of dollars are being spent on influencer marketing, so now is the time for B2B organizations to learn how to incorporate influencers into their strategies.

Influencer marketing spend is set to hit $21.1bn in 2023, up from just $1.7bn in 2016. This is a staggering increase and a clear sign of its importance in the marketing mix.

The growth in influencer marketing spend demonstrates how critical it has become to everyday marketing strategies, as customers increasingly turn to influencers to help solve their purchasing problems.

As the customer decision-making journey continues to shift, buyers are spending more and more time online looking for answers and searching for information. A successful marketing campaign will provide answers for those customers throughout this journey, and influencer marketing is by far one of the most effective ways to do this. Customers are looking for help, and influencers can provide it.

But while B2C is firmly established in the influencer marketing world, B2B influencer marketing is still largely untapped. Organizations that are new to influencer marketing have a lot to learn, and to implement…

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